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What We Do

We build brands identity for our clients and help their businesses become sustainable through diversified engagement models, inclusive of all possible social elements that may impact their future, while building communities and humanity.

Through our innovative Sustainable Human Development Protocol, we empower businesses brands through strategic solutions that identify human opportunities, define relationships, and build partnerships by connecting them to their stakeholders and the life-cycle of people in its communities to create Corporate Social Impact that may help businesses:

  1. Predict market changes as they happen, or even before they happen, to avoid chaos and turn changes to opportunities.
  2. Understand speed, scope and significance of market changes and how it may impact them.

 Our solutions:

  1. Help our clients to have their brand value better understood in the mind of their stakeholders.
  2. Help our clients align their brand with their business’ ambition and market’ expectation to improve results.
  3. Help clients create social impact that generates great return on investments
  4. Help our clients lead change and future trends.
  5. Help our clients maintain sustainability and yield the revenues they should.
  6. Certify our clients’ business sustainability.

To optimize the benefits of our solutions, we provide our clients year-round global enterprise-support for their brands diversified inclusive engagement to get the desired results.

How We Do It

We offer a variety of designed programs with the aim of fostering business sustainability. 

Our services include:

  1. 360° Sustainable Branding 
  2. Sustainability Compliance Certification
  3. Brands Engagement Opportunities


Offered Solutions

360° Sustainable Branding


MITHAQ360™ is a bundled branding and Corporate Social Impact solution that build, empower, and engage your brand to create and maintain a Recurring Revenue Model.  


Sustainability Compliance Certification


Sustainable Human Development (SHD) standard is the base to identify opportunities, define relationships and potential partnerships for your brand sustainable value. 


Brands Engagement Opportunities


IPEN™ empower brands through engagement with stakeholders to sustain compassionate relationships creating profitable Corporate Social Impact. 




The external forces are much of the business make up today.

How do businesses develop the competence to lead in a changing world?

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