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Step 2 Healthy Lifestyle

What we do

The initiative has been designed to build a healthy lifestyle for children age 1 day – 7 years old to become the foundation for the rest of their lives and the future generations.

Our aim is to change the way young parents think about their children welfare and living a healthy active lifestyle that last.


  1. Educate young parents, especially moms, on how to develop a healthy active lifestyle for their newly born children from 1 day – 7ears old.
  2. Create social family engagements for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle to overcome many of the current social health problems.
  3. Track the children social family engagement to monitor progress that may become a useful data and a base for award programs for children, families, and society.
  4. Work with health and education authorities, media and other stakeholders in the market to bring our initiative to communities, nurseries and schools, that may lead to initiative sustainability:

  • Spreading our message and community engagement faster.
  • Development of new programs under the initiative.
  • Development of new partnerships and funding resources for the initiative.
  • Develop Corporate Social Responsibility opportunities for public and private companies as well as government entities to support the initiative morally and financially.

How we do it

  • Business - community programs
  • Family - School programs
  • Healthy Lifestyle Competition and Awards
  • Interactive applications for children, parents, neighbors, businesses, schools
  • Social media programs


We Love to Partner With You

We are open to work with public and private firms to develop, promote and implement initiatives all over the world.

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