Founder Message

As the founder of Identity Branding Forum, I wanted to build a non-conventional company. To become a unique company, we started in 2007 with a unique approach; we did not think out of the box, we threw the box away to focus on what no-one else has and can offer. What makes us unique is our own science and ability to lead and deliver change.

Quite a few doubted that we will make it; they did not expect us to be making continuous headway in both research and development and introduce a complete 360° ecosystem to revolutionize change, build sustainable disruptive brands.

From early on, we have always strived to do meaningful things that enrich our clients world with the resources we have. 

We did a lot of things that seemed impossible at the time. Many of those impossible things have now become a hallmark for many businesses across the world. And we haven’t stopped there. We are still doing things other people think are impossible, which we are super excited about.

We have long believed that over time companies tend to get comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes. But for us to stay ahead and sustainable, we had to stay uncomfortable to remain relevant; we had to focus on revolutionary ideas to drive the next big growth areas, lead change, and create new trends for businesses and people to grow – By the way, people have always been the center of all of our activities and products development.

What could be better? No wonder we are excited to work with business communities and people across the world. 

Don't worry, we will do great things together, simply because it's our aspiration!

Dr. Abed Baidas, Founder, Group Chairman & CEO

Board Of Directors

Dr. Abed Baidas, Group Chairman & CEO


Founder of Identity Branding Forum. A veteran  international consultant and an expert authority speaker on branding, social and economic matters. He is also a lead architect of global social economic initiatives. 

Prof. Dr. Ishaq Qutob


Founder and President of Arab Student Aid International, U.S.A. Long career spanning from Sociology/Anthropology teaching to serving Arab students and academia worldwide. 

Dr. Mustafa Taherali Saasa

Dr. Mustafa Taherali Saasa

Dr. Mustafa Saasa is Prominent Indian Business Magnate, Social philanthropist, a Renowned Corporate Speaker, Mentor, Mind-set & Leadership Coach.  He is Chairman & Managing Director of Raj Group of Companies of Dubai – UAE. He is chairman & Managing Director of Sell Force International LLC in Dubai and Sarrahraj Enterprise Pvt Ltd in India.

Michael Dermer

Michael Dermer

Speaker, Author, Lawyer and Entrepreneur Authority. Founder and CEO of The Lonely Entrepreneur, USA. 

Aws Younis


Founder and Managing Director  of Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants, UAE - Aws is a veteran lawyer with over 30 years legal experience that started in Iraq and now in UAE.

Samar Al Kayed, EX VP

Samar Al Kayed

Secretary of the Board of Directors - Samar is a veteran lawyer and CPA with experience in social security and retirement funds.

Bashar M. Sadi, Innovation Advisor

Bashar M. Sadi, Chief Innovation Officer

Bashar is a leading expert in the Enterprise Architecture and Integration with over 30 years of Business and Technology consulting experience.  He architected, designed and helped in successfully developing and deploying several well-integrated enterprise-wide technologies-based solutions.

Dr. Ali Abou Abbas, Business Advisor

Dr. Ali Abou Abbas, COO Projects Development

Ali has a total of 15 years’ experience as a project manager, professor, and management consultant.  Ali is an active researcher who aims from his studies to contribute to knowledge and positive social change. 

Bilal Shammout, Data Advisor

Bilal Shammout, Chief Data Officer

Bilal has years of experience building ERP and CRM solutions. He also worked as a consultant and database programmer for a few international companies,i.e. Microsoft. 

Wesam Atia, Media Advisor

Wesam Atia, Chief Media Officer

Wesam is a veteran media specialist, content write-up and technically aware. Produced and co-produced several Projects, Films, Reality shows and Digital content.  

Board of Trustees - Talents of Endearment©

Dr. Abed Baidas - Board Acting Chairman

Dr. Abed Baidas

Founder of Identity Branding Forum. A veteran  international  consultant and an expert authority speaker on branding, social and  economic matters. He is also a lead architect of global social economic  initiatives.  

Osman Sultan - Board Member

Osman Sultan

He is the founding CEO of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) since 2005 in the UAE, and the founding CEO of Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil) in Egypt from 1998 to 2005.  He is a visionary leader and a notable public speaker in the field.  His vast knowledge and expertise in the field as early as the pre-internet period, placed him as one of the pioneers in France, Europe, the USA, Japan and the entire MENA region.

Samir Ibrahim Abdul Hadi - Board Member

Samir Ibrahim Abdul Hadi

Founder and CEO of SamTech Middle East - He is a Technology Evangelist, an Entrepreneur, Patent Owner, Awards Winner, Active member in the business community and CSR Ambassador. Samir is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Jordanian Business Council   and Former Chairman of the Palestinian Business Council and active member at the Sustainability Network by Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Mustafa Saasa - Board Member

Dr. Mustafa Saasa

Prominent  Indian Business Magnate, Social philanthropist, a Renowned Corporate  Speaker, Mentor, Mind-set & Leadership Coach.  He is Chairman &  Managing Director of Raj Group of Companies of Dubai – UAE and Sarrahraj Enterprise Pvt Ltd in India. 

Farida Ajmal - Board Member

Farida Ajmal

Born and brought up in India and married into the Ajmal family who are known for their perfumes. She is a philanthropist - She has been a part of the of the CHF (Children’s Hope Foundation – Group for 18 years) where she, along with her team, raised funds to support disabled children and causes such as SNF center for development, Rashid Pediatric, Al Noor, Manzil, Red Crescent. She has also been sponsoring the education of children in poor neighborhoods of Bangalore, India.  

Arab Student Aid International, USA - Board Member

Arab Student Aid International, Prof. Dr. Ishaq Qutob

Represented on the Board by Prof. Dr. Ishaq Qutob, the Founder and President of Arab Student Aid International (ASAI), U.S.A.  ASAI has been providing interest free students loans to thousands of students and over 18000 college graduates worldwide since 1976.

Steering Committee - Talents of Endearment

Prof. Christopher Abraham - Board Steering Committee Member


CEO & Head Dubai Campus & Sr.VP at S P Jain School of Global Management. He has three Post Graduate qualifications in HRM, Business Administration (Marketing), and Labor & Administrative Law and has a PhD in Positive Psychology. He is a Certified Design Thinker from IDEO/Stanford and has thirty-three years’ experience in management consulting, marketing, and management education in India, Canada, Singapore and the UAE.

Prof. Nabil El Kadhi - Board Steering Committee Member


President at MENA College of Management. He is futuristic: Future Education Design. He is active, creative researcher. 13 years of experience in management-high education and research units. He assumed various positions starting from project manager and department head to lab director, Dean and recently Provost. 

Gautam Sen Gupta - Board Steering Committee Member

Gautam Sen Gupta

Business consultant focusing on the Middle East and India territories; experienced hotelier; senior marketing professional with focus in tourism sector and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK; entrepreneur in the education sector.

Ravi Anand - Board Steering Committee Member

Ravid Anand

Seasoned business leader & coach with 35 years of industry experience & a track record in successfully

operationalizing strategy & vision for business units, building teams, driving organizational culture, localization, growing operating profit, driving productivity in services, leading business development to deliver top & bottom line financials.

Abdulla AlBanna - Board Steering Committee Member

Abdulla AlBanna

Managing Director - Has over 15 years in combining finance, business development and HR  strategies to successfully implement HR transformation projects across  diverse businesses in the U.A.E. and GCC . 

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