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The Qubqab


The Program

The Program is a series of episodes launched by Identity Branding Forum. It aims to deepen the values of tolerance, acceptance of others and openness to cultures and economic, social and humanitarian opportunities that impacts societies, its stability and its future positively. 

The Program consists of episodes of the magical Qubqab wooden slipper that transforms Program stars and their friends (children of different nationalities, ages, adults, participants, viewers and followers) to travel on a journey through the world and experience different cultures, traditions and histories. As well as discover the values, ethics, hobbies and humor that enhance their closeness to each other and the common denominators that brings them together through the evolving episodes.

The Program is a unique platform for local, regional and international public and private institutions’ corporate social responsibility programs, in addition to their marketing, media, advertising and sales campaigns.


The Unique Episodes

To achieve highest viewing and ratings possible for the Program episodes to create better value for sponsors and advertisers, production and promotion of episodes will be unique: 

  1. Technically, the episodes will focus on children and the development of multiple models, of Arab Identity, that may contribute to the development of their skills and talents, and their ability to converge and communicate with others to create opportunities for communities, businesses (public and private institutions) and dignitaries.
  2. Commercially and financially, the focus will not only be on maximizing the visibility of sponsors and advertisers, but also on increasing their sales and intangible returns by increasing their engagement with people through the Program’s episodes and the tools developed for this purpose.

Program Goals

  • Enhance child's affinity, cohesion and communication with his/her family, community, homeland and the world. (The most important tools for the development of dialogue, tolerance and respect among people).
  • Promote / develop child's understanding of social, historical, community, family and Arab identity. (The most common denominators for the development of dialogue, tolerance and respect among people).
  • Enhance / develop child's relationship with public and private institutions to become the base for their institutional relationships with local, regional Arab communities, and a part of their businesses future planning.
  • Provide innovative marketing and selling tools for local, regional and international institutions for great tangible and intangible benefits to all.


The Qubqab

Incentives for participants, viewers and followers

  • Contests and prizes.
  • Special membership in the IPEN™ Club for the participating kids. 
  • Gifts from sponsors and advertisers for the participating kids.
  • Privileges and discounts from sponsors and supporters for the participating kids.
  • Appoint kids and participants as ambassadors of the Program around the world.
  • Issuing certificates of appreciation to the participating kids.

The Qubqab

Program Stars

The stars of the Program episodes will be 6 – 12 years old children of all nationalities living in the Arab World. 

The Qubqab


The advantage of sponsoring Qubqab episodes is that your appearance and/or advertisement will stay permanently at our different sites, which makes it a unique feature that that extend the value of your investment sponsoring the Program episode(s)..


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