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ًWorld's First Sustainability Disruptor

IPEN™ Club (International Professional Elite Network) innovative state of the art platform brings together influential public and private business leaders, professionals and communities (people) to collaborate and engage in a meaningful dialogue to explore on ground real-time challenges, and collaboratively develop and execute solutions. 

IPEN™ gives communities (people) a voice that impacts the direction of development, future of businesses, and the sustainability landscape – it helps business members lead change and develop future trends. We simply translate all talk to immediate action on the ground.

IPEN™ creates an on-going marketing focused groups to develop business opportunities and achieve sustainable human development.

IPEN™ works with members (businesses and communities/people) to develop human analytics and the wisdom to identify human opportunities, define relationships and build partnerships to deliver and execute the solutions to the serious issues that concern them all - people and businesses alike - and disseminate the developed solutions and business opportunities universally to ensure optimal results. 

IPEN™ is businesses ideal ecosystem, except without the high cost of building one.

IPEN™ provides support, resources, connections, and innovative programs that have global impact. Crucially, members get hands-on experience turning theory into practice, and ideas into breakthrough business opportunities and sustainability.

Reasons To Join?!

Here are few good reasons to become an IPEN™ member:

  • Are you looking for help to build, market, promote and sell your brand value?
  • Are you looking for help to overcome economic meltdown syndrome? 
  • Are you looking for help to develop strategic solutions for your business?
  • Are you looking for help to identify new opportunities for your business?
  • Are you looking for help to become a sustainable business?
  • Are you looking for year-round on-going marketing support? 


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To connect and engage your business to promote your brand value, market and sell your brand, and become sustainable

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To build people, future generations and essential community institutions services to empower and promote competitive community values

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