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Talents of Endearment© (TE) Collection

The new era of learning and business transformation

Talents of Endearment© (TE) is an intelligent system that transforms high schools and college students, businesses employees and entrepreneurs to talents of human opportunities. It is a system that is based on the development of human intelligence to help participants meet today’s and tomorrow’s changes and demands.

TE helps participants focus on people and their aspirations and create localized  opportunities for the world; they will discover how to inspire people, make them feel great about themselves and move them to action.

TE will help participants focus on building value for human opportunities they discover, define their career path and shape their future; it will lead to the advancement of learning and talents to new heights for schools and business.

TE is designed to unleash the ultimate of human potentials by allowing participants to explore their limitless  imagination and see it flourish; it is a competition-based program that allows participants to thrive with enthusiasm. 


TE is a 33 days program of online activities and global community support, during which participants will discover the art of:

  1. Building relationships to
  2. Connect to people and discover their pain points (dislikes) and passion points (likes), and 
  3. Create engagement opportunities for business.

What does this mean to businesses?

It means that business will now have innovative workforce that is:

  1. Socially talented (to monitor disruptive change)
  2. Creatively talented (to create solutions to lead disruptive change)
  3. Skillfully talented (to develop the skills to manage disruptive change):

  • Able to solve today’s challenges
  • Able to identify and develop future opportunities
  • Able to connect and engage people to help businesses and humanity grow


Through  TE, participants will learn:

  • How to change people’s lives for the better,
  • How to transform people’ dreams to reality, and 
  • How to create a long-lasting value relationship to become appealing to the community and to business.

Through this powerful transformation of college and high school graduates, business employees and entrepreneurs, we will be bringing out new talents that are much needed for today’s and tomorrow’s business world and humanity at large.

Talents of Endearment© Collection

College students talents

College Students & High School Graduates Talents

College Students & High School Graduates Talents

College Students & High School Graduates Talents

Business talents

Building Business Talents

College Students & High School Graduates Talents

College Students & High School Graduates Talents

Entrepreneur Talents

Building Entrepreneur Talents

College Students & High School Graduates Talents

Building Entrepreneur Talents

P.U.M.A.© Collection

Our P.U.M.A.© Collection story

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Everyone has a story ... and ours is about P.U.M.A. ( Professional Understanding for Management Awareness)  

We believe that brand management should be like a PUMA – it should be territorial, smart, quick to hunt opportunities, act quickly, survivalist by nature, and have the versatility that allows it to change as markets change. It should be well versed in its brand environment(s), clearly understood by every targeted group and be acceptable in every language or culture.

Getting a company’s brand accepted and included in the vocabulary of your targeted audience is the major responsibility of the brand management team.

Our PUMA© collection is made of human development systems to make it a part of every brand vocabulary meeting every business culture around the world.

The Puma Collection is a series of human development systems that make brand vocabulary a part of your business culture.  

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It's a Learning Journey

PUMA© helps organizations realize greater ROTI through: 

  • Increased productivity and performance improvement 
  • Stricter adherence to corporate policies 
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased employee morale and retention 
  • Increased revenue 

PUMA© answers this question through its Collection 

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