Sustainability Compliance Certification


Sustainable Human Development Protocol (SHD) is Identity Branding Forum standard for businesses and community engagement to create Corporate Social Impact and achieve sustainability. 

SHD provides road-map basis to build sustainable prosperous business-community-business relationships and partnerships. SHD identifies human’ life cycle growing needs, how to maintain links to family, community and humanity at large. While Corporate Social Responsibility diversified inclusive engagement is the future for businesses, SHD is the base to build it and sustain it.

SHD is 360° universal Corporate Social Impact compass for businesses-communities sustainability. It covers the basis for every foreseeable and unforeseeable possible opportunity to tap into, locally, regionally and/or internationally.


Businesses and Communities sustainability starts with the compliance to the Sustainable Human Development protocol.

Why is it important?

  • SHD provides the basis for the ideal business-community-business sustainable diversifies inclusive engagement, creating an ongoing investment and business opportunities. 
  • SHD protocol provides the basis for identifying human opportunities, defining business-community relationships and building partnerships and thus, achieving cost effective sustainable development - saving businesses and communities time and money, with greater tangible and intangible returns to both.
  • SHD is a sound base for building brand identity value, brand-empowerment and brand-engagement.

How we do it

To become SHD Compliance, we offer the following services:

  • Consultation – strategies, corporate governance, operating systems and programs for organizations to become compliance with the Sustainable Human Development protocol.
  • Customized Training Workshops – to help organizations align its team with Sustainable Human Development strategies.
  • Customized Corporate Social Impact (CSI) solutions that are in compliance with Sustainable Human Development protocol. 
  • Assessment and certification of organizations that are in compliance with Sustainable Human Development protocol.  

Compliance Services



Through our MITHAQ360™ services, we help our clients become compliant with the Sustainable Human Development protocol.



We customize training workshops to help our clients' develop the sustainability mindset and align with their strategic intent.



Organizations' could now obtain compliance certification for their Corporate Social Impact programs, MITHAQ360™. 

SHD Institutions

IPEN™ Clubs


IPEN™ is a year-round diversified inclusive engagement to Corporate Social Impact.

SHD Institue


The Institute aims to bring our science to the world and institutionalize the SHD protocol.  

iGeneration Center


iGenerations foster the ideal environment for children to grow and lead the future.  

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