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MITHAQ360™ is a bundled branding and CSR solution that identify opportunities, define relationships and develop partnerships to build our clients brand identity value. It gives us the ability to look at our clients’ business with a 360 degree approach, to help them build profitable relationships with their customers and communities. MITHAQ360™ builds a sustainable supply chain for our clients based on our Sustainable Human Development protocol.


MITHAQ360™ takes a fresh look at the make-up of the entire society, and the life cycle of every living member, creating a sustainable supply chain platform. It allow us to bring a refreshingly effective strategic solutions for our clients’ social economic challenges.


MITHAQ360™ bundled solutions help our clients: (1) Empower communities, where they can make a real difference in people lives. This will impact clients financial bottom line. (2) Align their strategic intent with consumers expectation. This alignment gives our clients the best chance to sustain earnings. (3) Overcome economic downturns and sustain profitable growth. (4) Find new opportunities and open new markets to increase earnings. (5) Build and/or improve business value, relationships, reputation, and partnerships, improving investors expectations. (6) Develop or refresh their branding and CSR strategies to improve and sustain earnings.


Branding Identity

We help clients create startlingly original effective strategic solutions for their brand identity, through our commitment to strategy, creativity and technology. We empower clients' brand identity, socioeconomically.


MITHAQ360™ is a bundle of services fully designed and developed by Identity Branding Forum. Our services includes: CSR program design, CSR program management, CSR program monitoring.

Community Development

This service provides full planning to communities to develop their own socioeconomic system to achieve and  sustain social development and financial independence.


Our workshops help our clients develop strategic solutions through participating teams. We may also custom tailor workshops specific to clients' needs.

MITHAQ360™ Awards

Organizations' could now be awarded for their CSR programs through MITHAQ360™ Board based on Sustainable Human Development protocol.


Based on our Sustainable Human Development protocol, we can produce CSR models for our clients to go life through TV shows, movies, and social media.



Sustainable Human Development

Sustainable Human Development (SHD) is a new international standard in sustainable development - leading the world to better future. 

Arab Women Convention

Arab Women Convention

Arab Women Convention was developed around SHD protocol to help women become a driving force building families and societies, responsibly.


Humanitarian Economic Initiative

Humanitarian Economic Initiative was developed around SHD protocol to move humanity from despair to prosperity while building communities. 

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