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MITHAQ360™ Solutions


While Sustainable Human Development is our protocol, MITHAQ360™ is the solution to bring it your business.


MITHAQ360™ is a bundled branding and CSR solution that strategically align your ambition to that of your thriving stakeholders’ expectation to build your brand identity value.

MITHAQ360™ is available only to  IPEN™ Club members.


MITHAQ360™ solutions (services, knowledge development, and engagement) aligns your strategic intent to that of your market and people, 360-degree, to create sustainable supply chain of opportunities


MITHAQ360™ helps you: (1) Empower your brand and enhance your financial bottom line, and  (2) give you the best chance to meet your stakeholders expectation and sustain earnings.


Branding Identity

We offer startlingly original effective strategic solutions to help you build, manage and maintain your brand identity


We can help you create compassionate brand through engaging CSR program design, management, and monitoring.

Community Development

This service helps thriving communities create social economic partnerships to sustain human development.


Our public and custom tailored workshops help you develop strategic solutions for your brand.

MITHAQ360™ Awards

Organizations' could now be awarded for their CSR programs through MITHAQ360™ Board.


We produce CSR models for your brand to go life through TV shows, movies, and social media.

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New products are coming soon!