Qannas Competition

What is it

The world is going through a crisis that is now ravaging all societies and institutions of the world, without exception. The Corona virus crisis is the most difficult test, through which most of the world’s leaders and institutions failed, leading to the global deterioration of social fabric. We are transforming to a world that is completely different from what we had previously experienced.

What we are witnessing today is the birth of a new civilization for a broader human renaissance that encompasses all; which may seem difficult for many, but it is nothing more than the birth pains of a more homogeneous, just and prosperous world. Civilizations are grown around adaptive ideologies, and end with restrictive ones.

Throughout history, civilizations have evolved out of difficult crises, ending old civilizations that were unable to adapt to change, and starting new civilizations that were able to adapt to change and meet the needs of humanity and contribute to creating an environment capable of achieving justice, coexistence and growth for all members of society and its institutions.

To contribute to a proactive renaissance and a civilization intellectual development, Identity Branding Forum is launching a competition , considered the first of its kind in the world, under the title "Qannas Competition" to crystallize the foundation of future renaissance of the Arab societies and its institutions, launched out of the United Arab Emirates, the land of goodness and giving.

The goal of the competition

To come up with creative ideas that contribute to the advancement of institutions and members of society in light of the current difficult situations and beyond, to demonstrate to the world that we are able to overcome challenges during difficult times and advance institutions and individuals of the entire society.

Award criteria

Participants should submit ideas and initiatives that may:

  1. Strengthen the relationship between institutions and all members of society.
  2. Create a constructive engagement to discover the hidden opportunities in society,
  3. Suggest ideas and initiatives that contribute to developing the identified opportunities to advance institutions and all members of society

Provided that all ideas and initiatives presented by the participants are inclusive of all segments of society, taking into account the needs and aspirations of the young and the old, without exception.

Online support is provided to all participants to help them do their best, enjoy the experience, and come out with winning ideas.

Who can participate?

Public and private institutions, civil society institutions, professionals and entrepreneurs, universities and public high schools (faculties and students) and whoever has the desire to provide their skills and qualifications in shaping and building the future.

All ideas of all participant will be documented and published, each in their name, for their ideas to become a reference for the entire world’s communities.


Prizes worth up to $ 250,000 will be presented to the top ten winners, in addition to the opportunity to present their ideas to a group of investors around the world, provided that one investor will be chosen for each winner to assess their ideas and the possibility of investing in it.

The competition is open to sponsors who wishes to cooperate and participate in supporting this competition financially to raise the value of prizes and incentives to encourage the largest number of participants.

How it works

  1. Each participant submits a request to participate via e-mail to
  2. Or via Identity Branding Forum social media - Instagram, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  3. Ideas and initiatives are published via recorded videos of each participant and published through the Identity Branding Forum social media pages.
  4. Participants must share on their own social media pages what is posted for them at our websites
  5. Participants must tag as many of their acquaintances and friends at our social medial pages.
  6. The more likes you get, the better your chance to win – The top ten winners will be the ones generated the most likes for their published videos.

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