Our Team

Abed Baidas, Group CEO


Founder of Identity Branding Forum. A veteran  international consultant and an expert authority speaker on branding, social and economic matters. He is also a lead architect of global social economic initiatives. 

Dr. Ali Abou Abbas, COO Projects Development


Ali has a total of 15 years’ experience as a project manager, professor, and management consultant. He has five years of progressive experience in the development and oversight of academic programs, business and marketing strategies, and project management in different industries.  Ali is an active researcher who aims from his studies to contribute to knowledge and positive social change. 

Bashar M. Sadi, Chief Innovation Officer


Bashar is a leading expert in the Enterprise Architecture and Integration with over 30 years of Business and Technology consulting experience.  He architected, designed and helped in successfully developing and deploying several well-integrated enterprise-wide technologies-based solutions, and was a key contributor to the offerings of several software houses in the region.

Bilal Shammout, Chief Data Officer


Bilal has years of experience building ERP and CRM solutions. He also worked as a consultant and database programmer for a few international companies,i.e. microsoft.

Wesam Atia, Chief Media Officer


Wesam is a vetran media specialist, content write-up and technically aware. Produced and co-produced several Projects, Films, Reality shows and Digital content. 

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