IPEN™ Club Franchises

Own your Franchise and get a piece of the disruptive game changer and 48.7% ROI.

Investment Funds

IPEN™ Club Investment Opportunities

IPEN™ Club does not only identify projects, it identify investment opportunities.


IPEN™ Club Reseller

IPEN™ offers reseller opportunities to sell its memberships and services. Become a reseller and earn.

Service Provider

IPEN™ Club Service Provder

Become an approved service provider to  IPEN™ members.


IPEN™ Club Affiliate

Become an affiliate - for chambers of commerce and international entities to promote change and future trends. 


IPEN™ Club Sponsorship

IPEN™ Club provides excellent sponsorship opportunities due to its diverse community involvement and media exposure.

We Welcome You

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