Memberships For The Distinguished



  • Are you looking to build, market, promote and sell?
  • Are you looking to identify new opportunities?
  • Are you looking to become a sustainable business?
  • Are you looking for year-round enterprise support? 


Connect & Engage!

IPEN™ Club members gets to:

  • Access an exclusive network of opportunities with online and offline stakeholders,
  • Connect with targeted VIP potential partners, and 
  • Engage with qualified opportunities that could lead to sales, profits, growth and sustainability.


Join The Distinguished!

 IPEN™ Club membership application process:

  • Submit membership application for approval. 
  • Once approved, you will be notified to pay subscription fees.
  • Membership starts after approval and payment.

Join The Distinguished

IPEN™ Club Silver Membership

This membership offers the  basic benefits of the Club with discounted paid access to the Club scheduled events and programs.

Annual Membership $500

IPEN™ Club Gold Membership

This membership help professionals identify opportunities, and connect socially and economically for better achievements. 

Annual Membership $3,000

IPEN™ Club Elite Membership

This membership help affluent people explore better opportunities, and build relationships with communities leaderships.

Annual Membership $8,500

IPEN™ Club Enterprise Membership

This membership help companies build focus-groups for strategic social economic bonding solutions and boost performance. 

Annual Membership $20,000

Special Editions

IPEN™ Club Maverick Entrepreneur Edition

Designed to help children from the ages of 11–18 years old develop innovative skills to become socially & economically productive. 

Annual Membership $1000

IPEN™ Club Junior Entrepreneur Edition

Designed to stimulate college students’ ambition and develop their entrepreneurship skills to boost their career. 

Annual Membership $1400

IPEN Club Platinum Edition

In support of the world we believe in, we have developed an innovative bundled solution that we proudly called Platinum Special Edition.

Service Fee: $45,000

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