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IPEN™ Club (International Professional Elite Network) is a sub-brand of Identity Branding Forum

While Google focuses on brand extension by developing new products, new technologies, and new companies, Facebook is focusing on brand expansion to add more value to its customers and acquire additional customers who are searching for higher values. What they both have in common, however, is that they both have invested billions to build, manage and maintain an ecosystem to generate their gigantic growth and expansion.

In a world of constant change, finding an on-demand business ecosystem can seem daunting - but it doesn't have to be. A first step? Our IPEN™ Club. 

IPEN™ is an innovative ecosystem that is built around Identity Branding Forum of over 12 years of international experience, and decades of research and development; bringing our members a combined years of worldwide experience that covers a wide range of sectors including education, manufacturing, non-governments organizations, start-up/SMEs/large companies, communities, cities, media and entertainment. 

For years we have been helping clients from around the world with organic solutions to help them build sustainable disruptive brands; this global experience is now being brought to you through IPEN™ Club ecosystem.

Reasons To Join?!

IPEN™ help members:

  • Build, market, promote and sell their brand value.
  • Overcome economic meltdown. 
  • Develop strategic solutions for their business.
  • Identify new opportunities for their business.
  • Become a sustainable business.
  • Get year-round enterprise support for their business.

360° Ecosystem - How it works

 IPEN™ Club is a membership based 360° ecosystem that:

  1. Provide business members an Early warning system to spot business troubles ahead, intelligently analyze it to identify its scope, speed, and significance of impact it may have on the business, and help them determine what to do.
  2. Provide business members an intelligent business locator  (Think of it as the business world GPS to find its way through growth and expansion) that can identify opportunities and make them relevant to members businesses and/or their stakeholders and help them develop those opportunities to grow and expand.
  3. Help business members: (a) identify and develop new opportunities of today and tomorrow, (b) develop the right talents to manage and maintain course developing those opportunities, and (c) connect its stakeholders to those opportunities and engage them to grow and expand.

IPEN™  ecosystem provides members online and offline networking opportunities and keep them engaged. What does this mean to our business members? It means that we don’t just create networking opportunities; we help members take it further by helping them identify the relevant opportunities with other members, connect them to those opportunities and keep them engaged to help them see those opportunities comes to fruition.

360° Ecosystem

360° Ecosystem


IPEN™ gives communities (people) a voice that impacts the direction of development, future of business, and the sustainability landscape – it helps business members lead change and develop future trends. We simply translate all talk to immediate action on the ground.

Through its memberships, IPEN™ creates an on-going marketing focused groups to develop business opportunities and maintain members sustainability. 

IPEN™ works with members (businesses and communities/people) to develop human analytics and the wisdom to identify human opportunities, define relationships and build partnerships to deliver and execute solutions to the serious issues that concern us all - people and businesses alike - and disseminate the developed solutions and business opportunities universally to ensure optimal results to business members and communities; it is the ideal businesses ecosystem, except without the high cost of building one.

IPEN™ provides support, resources, connections, and innovative programs that have global impact. Crucially, members get hands-on experience turning theory into practice, and ideas into breakthrough business opportunities and sustainability.

IPEN™ Club gives people a voice that impacts the future of business

IPEN™ Club gives people a voice that impacts the future of business

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