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IPEN™ (International Professional Elite Network) is a brand empowering and engaging innovative think tank. It is a complete system that engage companies and people to sustain growth.


IPEN™ is for everybody. It is the platform that helps every member of society become a part of “The Professional” and “The Elite”. IPEN™ is the place where dreams come true. 


IPEN™ brings together stakeholders around identified social priorities and economic solutions to create social and economic opportunities for IPEN™ members and society to profit - providing opportunities to the world.



This membership help members stay connected, get discounts for various events and publications of  IPEN™ Club.

Annual Membership $100 


This membership help professionals identify trends and opportunities, and connect socially and economically for better achievements. 

Annual Membership $3,500


This membership help companies build focus-groups for strategic socioeconomic bonding solutions and market positioning. 

Annual Membership $15,000


This membership help diplomat members build relationships with people and businesses locally and internationally. 

Annual Membership $30,000


This membership help affluent people explore better investment opportunities and build relationships with leaderships.

Annual Membership $65,000

Sponsored Community Memberships


This membership help civil society members build their own brand identity, identify and promote opportunities to achieve growth.  


 This membership help college students develop their brand identity and entrepreneurship ambition for better career.  


This membership help children develop innovative and creative skills to grow and become socially & economically productive.  


This membership help families stay connected with the community to acquire the necessary support to stay productive. 



You can now bring an IPEN™ Club franchise to your community to create local bridges to the world.

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Universities can now establish an  IPEN™ Club chapter to bridge academia with local communities and the world.

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Companies and governments could start their own IPEN™ Club customized around their staff, clients, and stakeholders.

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IPEN™ Club provides excellent sponsorship opportunities due to its diverse community involvement and media exposure.

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IPEN™ Clubs offers excellent affiliation opportunities for chambers, associations, and international organizations.

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