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While Sustainable Human Development is our protocol, IPEN™ (International Professional Elite Network) is the system to help bring it to businesses and communities. 

IPEN™ is an innovative brand empowering and CSR engaging Club, that combines between the Sustainable Human Development protocols and MITHAQ360™ solutions. 

IPEN™ creates the ideal engagement environment of companies and people to sustain and monitor prosperity. It helps businesses and communities identify human opportunities, define business-community relationships and build partnerships through collaborative efforts of the IPEN™ members.

IPEN™ brings together people, professionals, businesses, investors and decision makers to identify social, business and investment opportunities for IPEN™ members and society to prosper - providing local global opportunities for local communities and create gateway for business sustainability.


IPEN™ is a huge saving of time and money for businesses:

  • Building brand value
  • Brand Identity refreshments, 
  • Brand Identity positioning, 
  • Brand Identity empowerment, 
  • CSR work.
  • Human development.
  • Engagment (diversity and inclusion).

Members Only

Members only can access the Club services and benefits through their received access privileges. 

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To help our member companies and communities become SHD Compliant.


MITHAQ360™ is a bundled branding and CSR solution to unlock opportunities.   


Our events help you learn how to strategically build and position your brand. 

Investment Funds

The funds are designed to invest in sustainable strategic opportunities 


Our awards aims to promote the culture and criteria of sustainability at all levels.


Our initiatives identify opportunities, define relationships and build partnerships.


Arab Women Convention

Arab Women Convention is an SHD protocol, developed to help women become a driving force building families and societies, responsibly.  


Business Humanitarian Initiative is an SHD protocol, developed to move humanity from despair to prosperity while building communities.  


The entrepreneur initiative aims to help people across the world  to start their businesses, especially youth, college grads and women.


iGenerations is an SHD protocol , developed to foster the ideal environment for children to grow and lead the future. 

MITHAQ University

MITHAQ University is the first global model  that was designed around the sciences of  SHD, and admissions by nomination only.



This membership help members stay connected, get discounts for various events and publications of  IPEN™ Club.

Annual Membership $100 


This membership help professionals identify opportunities, and connect socially and economically for better achievements. 

Annual Membership $3,500


This membership help companies build focus-groups for strategic socioeconomic bonding solutions and market positioning. 

Annual Membership $15,000


This membership help diplomat members build relationships with people and businesses locally and internationally. 

Annual Membership $30,000


This membership help affluent people explore better investment opportunities and build relationships with leaderships.

Annual Membership $65,000


This membership is for the distinguished leaderships of society who cares to leave a legacy for humanity to grow.

Lifetime Membership $1,000,000

Community Memberships


This membership help civil society members build their own brand identity, identify and promote opportunities to achieve growth. 

Annual Membership $1,500


 This membership help college students develop their brand identity and entrepreneurship ambition for better career. 

Annual Membership $250 


This membership help children develop innovative and creative skills to grow and become socially & economically productive. 

Annual Membership $100 


This membership help families stay connected with the community to acquire the necessary support to stay productive.

Annual Membership $750



You can now bring an IPEN™ Club franchise to your community to create local bridges to the world.

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Universities can now establish an  IPEN™ Club chapter to bridge academia with local communities and the world.

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Your Company

Companies and governments could start their own IPEN™ Club customized around their staff, clients, and stakeholders.

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IPEN™ Club provides excellent sponsorship opportunities due to its diverse community involvement and media exposure.

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IPEN™ Clubs offers excellent affiliation opportunities for chambers, associations, and international organizations.

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