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Sustainable Human Development (SHD)


SHD is Identity Branding Forum standard for businesses and humanity to achieve sustainable development. 

SHD provides the basis for the ideal business-community relationships and partnerships to sustain prosperity - it is the foundation for businesses brand value and CSR.


SHD identifies human’ lifecycle growing needs and how to maintain its links to the family, community, and humanity at large. While Engagement (diversity and inclusion) is the future for businesses, SHD is the base to build it and sustain it. 

SHD is businesses 360° CSR compass for businesses investments and relationships. It covers the basis for every foreseeable and unforeseeable possible opportunity to tap into, locally, regionally and/or internationally.


  • SHD provides the basis for the ideal business-community sustainable engagement, creating an ongoing investment and business opportunities. 
  • SHD protocol provides the basis for identifying human opportunities, defining business-community relationships and building partnerships and thus, achieving cost effective sustainable development - saving businesses and communities time and money, with greater tangible and intangible returns to both.
  • SHD is a sound base for brand identity value, empowerment and engagement.

SHD Initiatives

Arab Women Convention

Arab Women Convention was developed around SHD protocol to help women become a driving force building families and societies, responsibly.


Business Humanitarian  Initiative was developed around SHD protocol to move humanity from despair to prosperity while building communities.

IPEN™ Club

IPEN™ Club is an SHD based system that supports communities development. IPEN™ help members build social economic partnerships.


iGenerations is an SHD protocol based program, to foster the ideal environment for children to grow and lead the future.


MITHAQ360™ is an SHD protocol based, to deliver CSR solutions to lead  societies towards sustainable human development.

MITHAQ University

MITHAQ University is the first model to the world that was designed around the integration and positioning of SHD protocols.

Sustainable Human Development Press Conference

Part of the press conference launching Sustainable Human Development on July 29, 2016 at One & Only Hotel at St. Regis Hotel

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