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Sustainable Human Development


Sustainable Human Development (SHD) is Identity Branding Forum latest innovation and proud achievement.  It is a new international standard in sustainable development - leading the world to better future.   It is a complete system that covers everything a community needs to grow all the way from family and its members to the National Identity and its pillars.


SHD focuses on rooting out most of today's'  global challenges. SHD protocol build bridges between all members of  society to map the future of human development, linking them to every possible opportunity within the targeted communities, serving every member of society. 


SHD takes a fresh look at the make-up of the entire society and the life cycle of every living member to develop a burden-free-living community, creating positive affinities to all stakeholders of all interests. 

SHD Initiatives

Arab Women Convention

Arab Women Convention was developed around SHD protocol to help women become a driving force building families and societies, responsibly.


Humanitarian Economic Initiative was developed around SHD protocol to move humanity from despair to prosperity while building communities.

IPEN™ Club

IPEN™ Club is an SHD based system that supports communities development. IPEN™ help members build social economic partnerships.


iGenerations is an SHD protocol based program, to foster the ideal environment for children to grow and lead the future.


MITHAQ360™ is an SHD protocol based, to deliver CSR solutions to lead  societies towards sustainable human development.

MITHAQ University

MITHAQ University is the first model to the world that was designed around the integration and positioning of SHD protocols.

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