IPEN™ Club franchise Opportunities

Why IPEN™?

IPEN™  is the only franchise in the world that connects and engage businesses and communities in a collaborative efforts to identity and build  opportunities and become sustainable, creating endless opportunities for franchisees and thus, great return on their investment.

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To Get Started

Interested franchisees minimum investment is US$ 10 Million to cover franchise fees, land, licenses, construction, furnishing, set-up cost and training, and 2 years operating budget. This will vary based on location and franchise facilities. 

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Act Now

You can now bring an IPEN™ Club franchise to your community to create local bridges to the world.

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Start your franchise today.

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Franchise Design Video

The first franchise is being developed in Dubai, UAE. Working with franchisers,   the same design is being negotiated to bring to several countries around the world.

For all interested parties, write to info@ipenclub.com

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