We were one of the first pioneers in the Arab World to start project eLearning in 2004, under project name "Arab American eUniversity System", a joint project with American Universities and accreditation body in the United States of America. 

To narrow the gap between higher education and the millennial generation, we started a series of training programs for educators on eLearning teaching methods and standards for accreditation to develop their curriculum. 

To run a successful eLearning class, there is a lot more to it than the platform being used, or the guess work of conventional instructors to run the eClass that may end up being conducted in the same old teaching methods.

eLearning is not just about the science to build the eClass, but also the art of getting students engaged, attached and hooked to fun learning, just as they are to social media; this is the experience we have cultivated over the years with eLearning.

We have developed and delivered proven methodologies and know-how in this field worldwide that will bring education the necessary professional help to start running an eLearning Class successfully.


Our advanced eLearning model will help educators and institutions develop and deliver online courses to  be conducted much like on-ground courses; they are classroom oriented - although conducted in a virtual classroom. 

Modern education through our eLearning model, is based on conversational methodologies; the way millennials think and act is much different than those of the instructors.

How we can help

  1. Develop accreditation criteria and quality assurance for eLearning
  2. Develop eLearning curriculum 
  3. Train instructors on eLearning teaching methodologies
  4. Mentor instructors and students during early implementation of eLearning
  5. Provide immediate platform for eLearning classes administered by our experts
  6. Build the culture of eLearning across instructors, administrators, students and parents
  7. Build a hybrid education system - blending conventional and eLearning classes
  8. Develop a system wide eLearning strategy for your institution
  9. Develop an eLearning branding strategy for your institution

How else can we help you? 

Facilitator Training Course

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This 3-week online facilitator training program  introduces and/or reinforces best practices for teaching asynchronously to a diverse adult population while transmitting an understanding and appreciation for the institution’s educational philosophy and policies.  

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