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MITHAQ360™ is a socioeconomic strategic relationships builder “Engage 360°”.  It is a Social Responsibility (SR) solution that identify opportunities, define relationships and develop partnerships - bonding between organizations' ambitions and social priorities and create socioeconomic opportunities leading to universal sustainable growth based on Sustainable Human Development protocol.  


MITHAQ360™ takes a fresh look at the make-up of the entire society, and the life cycle of every living member to develop a burden-free-living community, creating positive affinities to all stakeholders of all interests. It covers everything that may affect every living creature within the targeted community. 


MITHAQ360™ helps organizations become a driving force to empower communities, where they can make a real difference in people lives, and vice versa. By that definition, your son’s best friend or your daughter’s favorite teacher can be just as worthy of your interest and attention as a business contact who shares similar values and aspirations with you. 



Our innovative services includes: CSR program design, CSR program management, CSR program monitoring  


Workshops to develop CSR strategic solutions through participating teams. We also custom tailor workshops specific to clients' needs.


Organizations' could now receive the proper credentials for their CSR programs through MITHAQ360™ Board. 

DOBI Camps

Bring stakeholders to build communities socioeconomic brand identity.


CSR socioeconomic initiatives to help communities sustain development.


The first CSR model that goes life through planned TV shows and movies.

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