MITHAQ360™ - SUSTAINABLE disruptive Branding Services

What we do


While Sustainable Human Development is our protocol, MITHAQ360™ is the service to bring it to businesses.

MITHAQ360™ is a bundled branding and Corporate Social Impact (CSI) services that strategically build your brand identity value.


MITHAQ360™ : 

  • Build clients' brand value that is better understood in the mind of their stakeholders.
  • Empower clients' brand and enhance their financial bottom line. 
  • Align our clients' brands with their business’ ambition and market’ expectation to improve results.
  • Design programs, initiatives, and awards to create for our clients social impact that generates great return on investments and help them lead change and future trends.
  • Prepare our clients to become in compliance with the Sustainable Human Development Protocol and ready for certification.

How we do it

MITHAQ360™ services align our clients ambition to that of their thriving stakeholders’ expectation, the market and people, 360-degree, to create sustainable supply chain of opportunities. 

Through our bundled services, knowledge development, and engagement strategies, we are able to create startling compassionate brands for our clients.

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Branding Identity


We offer startlingly original effective strategic solutions to help you build, manage and maintain your brand identity

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We build compassionate brands through engaging Corporate Social Responsibility program design, management, and monitoring.

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Customized workshops that offers

Perspective on Company’ strategic direction and engagement of its leaderships and stakeholders.




Clients could have their awards designed to comply with our protocol for their Corporate Social Impact programs.

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We produce Corporate Social Impact models for brands to go life through TV shows, movies, and social media.

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