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Business Humanitarian Initiative (BHI)


While Sustainable Human Development is our protocol, BHI is one of its CSR models to create business-community partnerships to serve humanity. 

BHI a new global model (Economies of Crisis) that develops business opportunities to end humanitarian sufferings, by creating opportunities for people, communities, and economic sectors to sustain prosperity. 

BHI is available only to  IPEN™ Club members. 


BHI focuses on human development (not human needs,  charities, or donations). Thus, it creates business opportunities that helps moving people form despair to prosperity through the development of social economic business partnerships.


BHI is an innovative CSR model that creates business solutions to help organizations invest in the future of humanity while they are growing and prospering.



BHI provides Business Solutions for global challenges (refugees, poverty, hunger, education, health) to serve humanity and sustain profitable opportunities.


BHI provides "Business Solutions" to help communities (especially those in rural areas) to prosper and sustain business opportunities and financial independence.


Who could benefit?

Humanitarian entities, NGOs, companies, communities, investors.

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