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Arab Women Convention (AWC)


While Sustainable Human Development is our protocol, AWC is one of its CSR models to create business-community partnerships with women. 

AWC defines woman role and impact on society at large, to empower families and communities leading to sustainable development and thus, creating foreseeable and unforeseeable CSR investment opportunities for businesses in local communities.

AWC aims to provide the ideal environment for women to build business-community partnerships in their local communities - identifying local human opportunities, defining local business-community relationships and building business partnerships.

AWC is available only to  IPEN™ Club members. 

Strategic Objectives

AWC will develop the future of Woman Identity development to become a universal doctrine through: 

  • The development of woman empowerment of marriage culture and family upbringing tutoring. 
  • The development of woman empowerment of social identity and universal competitiveness of their local communities. 
  • The development of woman economic identity worldwide. 
  • The development of woman empowerment of future generations.


Field Workshops

Field workshops aims to develop CSR socioeconomic models for women empowering communities across the Arab world. 


Doctrine production, by evaluating world' best available models, to develop a universal model to build women identity.


The awards aims to promote the culture of women identity criteria, through ceremonies for age group awards.   

Annual Convention

Annual convention to discuss the developed doctrine to be adopted and promoted by participants. 

TV Reality Show

Thanks to our innovative protocols of MITHAQ360™, we are producing a Woman Reality TV Show.  

Arab Women Convention Berber Morocco Project

This project aims to develop opportunities for the community around women's empowerment and social economic partnerships, in cooperation with Cparla of France.

Arab Women Convention Second Edition 2017


Brief video on Arab Women Convention Second Edition Release event held on April 17th, 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates at St. Regis Hotel.


Steps towards building Arab Women Convention

خطا نحو بناء ميثاق المرأة العربي

Arab Women Convention First Edition 2015

نبذة عن اطلاق النسخة الاولى من مشروع بناء هوية المرأة العربي والذي تم بالتعاون مع غرفة عجمان واتحاد غرف التجارة في الامارات العربية المتحدة والذي عقد في فندق كمبينسكي عجمان في الفترة 19-21 ينارير 2015 تحت مسمى "مؤتمر بناء الهوية الإقتصادية لسيدات الأعمال في العالم العربي" برعاية كريمة من سمو الشيخة فاطمة بنت زايد بن صقر آل نهيان قرينة صاحب السمو الشيخ حميد بن راشد النعيمي عضو المجلس  الأعلى حاكم عجمان رئيسة جمعية أم المؤمنين  

Upcoming Events

London Forum

3 days Forum about Women being the 21st century economic super power, to  address the missing opportunities on this super power.

Singapore Cruise

4 days cruise journey  planned for leaderships from around the world to discuss CSR opportunities in the Arab world.

Arab Women Convention

3 days Convention in UAE, to discuss and approve Arab Women Convention doctrine, and to explore the related opportunities.

Upcoming Events

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