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Arab Women Convention


Arab Women Convention (Convention), defines woman role and impact on society at large. The aim is to create a model for Women across the world and their relationships with society, on a local, national and international level. 


Arab Women Convention focuses on women empowering families and communities leading to sustainable human development, to create CSR investment opportunities.


Arab Women Convention develops strategic directions of "Women Identity" in the Arab world and beyond to foster ideal environment and building social economic partnerships.  


Field Workshops

Field workshops aims to develop CSR socioeconomic models for women empowering communities across the Arab world. 


Doctrine production, by evaluating world' best available models, to develop a universal model to build women identity.


The awards aims to promote the culture of women identity criteria, through ceremonies for age group awards.   

Annual Convention

Annual convention to discuss the developed doctrine to be adopted and promoted by participants. 

TV Reality Show

Thanks to our innovative protocols of MITHAQ360™, we are producing a Woman Reality TV Show.  

Upcoming Events

London Forum

3 days Forum about Women being the 21st century economic super power, to  address the missing opportunities on this super power.

Singapore Cruise

4 days cruise journey  planned for leaderships from around the world to discuss CSR opportunities in the Arab world.

Arab Women Convention

3 days Convention in UAE, to discuss and approve Arab Women Convention doctrine, and to explore the related opportunities.

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