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Who We Are

Identity Branding Forum started in 2007 as identity branding provider of services and training, to become today a global gateway of opportunities; simply more powerful. 

Through our own Sustainable Human Development standard and the system to deliver it, IPEN™ Clubs, we help our clients and community members unlock opportunities, optimize potentials and become sustainable - inspiring growth for partners, clients, and people.


  • Our inspiration - Identity Branding Forum is a multicultural organization, inspired by humanity.  
  • Our aspiration is to become the gateway of opportunities to the world.
  • Our aim is to enrich the future while we build the present for societies to prosper. 
  • Our commitment to Brand Identity Empowerment, Social Economic Empowerment and Family Empowerment helps us achieve Sustainability.

Why Identity Branding Forum?

We turn our clients' companies to appealing compassionate brands that inspires people and move them to action, through:

  • Building values to turn their stakeholders from doing their best to contributing their best. 
  • Designing their core business to support social impact, and the social impact is designed to support the core business.

Chairman Message

The role that businesses plays in society, and the expectations about the role it should play, have shifted dramatically in recent years. Along with this shift, society’s expectations about businesses have changed too. 

To help businesses develop the competence to lead in a changing world we had to look beyond the normal business practices.

In our pursuit for answers, we had to look at a diversified engagement model that is inclusive of all possible social elements that may impact a business future.

The Sustainable Human Development Protocol was the answer to the key question -  How could businesses develop the competence to lead in a changing world?


We take pride in what we do, and our lifelong journey in helping businesses and communities grow continues to offer humanity the best it deserves.

Abed Baidas 

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Board Of Directors

Abed Baidas

Abed Baidas

Founder of Identity Branding Forum. A veteran  international consultant and an expert authority speaker on branding, social and economic matters. He is also a lead architect of global social economic initiatives.

Ishaq Qutob

Prof. Dr. Ishaq Qutob

Founder and President of Arab Student Aid International, U.S.A. Long career spanning from Sociology/Anthropology teaching to serving Arab students and academia worldwide.

Michael Dermer

Michael Dermer

Speaker, Author, Lawyer and Entrepreneur Authority. Founder and CEO of The Lonely Entrepreneur, USA.

Aws Younis

Aws Younis

Founder and Managing Director  of Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants, UAE

Nabil Ayesh

Nabil Ayesh

Founder and General Manager of RoyalTic Engineering, UAE 

Qabas Shaer

Founder & CEO of Riforma Consulting, UAE

Mowaffaq Al-Khatib

 Founder & GM of Smart Lead Consultancy, UAE

Partnerships & Affiliations


Identity Branding Forum offers global partnership and affiliation opportunities that will link you to the world. Write us to find out how you can join the elite winning global network of Identity Branding Forum

Some Of Our Strategic Partners

Partial Experience


Nike, Gucci, Channel, Dolce and Gabbana, Deisel, Hugo Boss,  Levi’s 501 jeans, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation,  Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corp,  Nabil Foods, Arabian Trade & Food Industries Co., United Toiletry Co.      


Arab Bank, The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, Arab Banking Corporation, Housing Bank, Cairo Amman Bank, Jordan Kuwait Bank, Association Of Banks in Jordan,  EMTYAZ Investments, IEAI (Investors& Eastern for Industrial & Real Estate Investments), Kmart,  ARAMEX, Nicola Abu Khader & Sons,  Alghad Newspaper, Orange,  Rubicon 


Yarmouk University, Middle East University For Graduate Studies,  Sirte University, University of Tripoli, N.B.T.V.E Libya, Lebanese International University, Arabian Gulf University, University of Benghazi, Al-Qadisiya University, University of Tabuk, Omar-Almokhtar University, University of Holly Quran & Taseel of Sciences, Al Quds Open University 

Travel & Leisure

British Airways, Air New Zealand, HelmsBriscoe International, Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, DRAGONAIR, Aloha Airline, Air North, Cruise West    


Aliens, Jurasic Park, Rocky, Romancing the Stone, Raider of the Lost Ark, The New Planet of the Apes and Moulin Rouge, Fast & Furious 7, Mission Impossible 4


Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Ajman Chamber of Commerce, Ajman Businesswomen Council, Greater Amman Municipality, Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau (KADDB), The American Chamber Of Commerce in Jordan, A/E Business Council, Design Jordan, Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women,  Saudi Arabia Tourism Commission, Emirates Identity Authority, Dubai Airports, Banque du Liban, 

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