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Identity Branding Forum started in 2007 as identity branding provider of services and training, to become today a global gateway of opportunities; simply more powerful. 

Through our own Sustainable Human Development standard and the system to deliver it, IPEN™ Club, we help our clients and community members unlock opportunities, optimize potentials and become sustainable - inspiring growth for partners, clients, and people.


  • Our inspiration - Identity Branding Forum is a multicultural organization, inspired by humanity.  
  • Our aspiration is to continue being the gateway of opportunities to the world.
  • Our aim is to help clients lead change and future trends. 
  • Our commitment to Brand Identity Empowerment, Social Economic Empowerment and Family Empowerment helps us achieve Sustainability.

Why Identity Branding Forum?

We turn our clients' to an appealing compassionate sustainable disruptive brands by:

  • Building their value to turn their stakeholders from doing their best to contributing their best. 
  • Creating social impact to inspire people and move them to action.

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Chairman Message

The role that businesses plays in society, and the expectations about the role it should play, have shifted dramatically in recent years. Along with this shift, society’s expectations about businesses have changed too. 

To help businesses develop the competence to lead in a changing world we had to look beyond the normal business practices.

In our pursuit for answers, we had to look at a diversified engagement model that is inclusive of all possible social elements that may impact a business future.

The Sustainable Human Development Protocol was the answer to the key question -  How could businesses develop the competence to lead in a changing world?

Abed Baidas 

Founder, Group Chairman & CEO

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