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20 X Global Human Opportunities

What is it?

When the world is fixated on making Artificial Intelligence their priority and their future, we are fixated on making Human Intelligence to become the World’s number one priority to drive the present to a thriving future.

20 X is an initiative of Identity Branding Forum that is designed to give the world infinite opportunities discovered, made relevant and developed by worldwide Talents of endearment© (TE) - students who discovered their abilities to transform people’s dreams to a future realities businesses could thrive on.

20 X is a legacy for the world to continue thriving with humanity rising.

How to participate

Interested students of schools and colleges can join the program only through a partner institution (school or college)

Education institutions (schools and colleges) must become a member of  IPEN™ Club to offer Talents of endearment© 


We Love to Partner With You

We are open to work with public and private firms to develop, promote and implement initiatives all over the world.

This initiative is a unique sponsorship opportunity for sponsors.

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