IPEN™ Club

IPEN™ Club

IPEN™ ClubIPEN™ ClubIPEN™ Club

Business is all about sustainable branding ecosystem

Gateway to Opportunities

Gateway to Opportunities

Gateway to OpportunitiesGateway to OpportunitiesGateway to Opportunities

The world's first sustainability disruptor

Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Business TransformationBusiness TransformationBusiness Transformation

Disruptive Branding

Human Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Human IntelligenceHuman IntelligenceHuman Intelligence

The future is you

Sustainability' Journey

Sustainability' Journey

Sustainability' JourneySustainability' JourneySustainability' Journey

Diversified inclusive engagement

Expert Coaching

Expert Coaching

Expert CoachingExpert CoachingExpert Coaching

Just when you needed

Stay Connected

Welcome To Sustainability Central


We build sustainable disruptive brands to lead change & trends.

IPEN™ Club (International Professional Elite Network) help members build, manage and maintain sustainable brands. 

We help members think-out of the box to build their business brand value, turning them into non-conventional businesses, connected, engaged and aligned with their stakeholders to stay profitable, sustainable, and grow.

It is not just another club ... it is your sustainability ecosystem.


Enterprise Membership

IPEN Club Enterprise Memberships

Helping businesses build sustainable brands

Elite Membership

IPEN™ Club Elite Membership

Helping business leaders lead change 


Basic Membership

IPEN Club Basic

Helping start-ups learn some of the basics to get started. 

Professional Membership

IPEN Club Professional

Helping entrepreneurs connect to opportunities and stay engaged.

Junior Membership

IPEN Club Junior Membership

Helping college students develop entrepreneurial talents to grow.

Maverick Membership

IPEN Club Maverick Membership

Helping 11 -18 years old  children develop entrepreneurial mindset.

Business Solutions



Designed to bond businesses with people

Branding Solutions

Disruptive branding

Designed to help businesses become disruptive brands

Talents Pipeline

Talents Pipeline

Designed to build human intelligence to transform the future



IPEN™ Club Franchises

 Own your Franchise and get a piece of the disruptive game changer and 48.7% ROI. 

Investment Funds

IPEN™ Club Investment Funds

 IPEN™ Club does not only identify projects, it identify investment opportunities. 

Partner With Us

IPEN™ Club Partners

 IPEN™ Club  offers global partnership opportunities that will link you to the world.  

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