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Identity Branding Forum is a branding multi cultural socioeconomic organization to the world. We provide branding and CSR Solutions based on our innovative Sustainable Human Development protocol, which makes us the only organization in the world that is singled out with this unique bundle of Solutions. Learn more About Us.

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Our building brand identity service is our most unique attribute. We are able to bring a refreshingly effective strategic solutions for our clients’ socioeconomic challenges.   


Sustainable Human Development (SHD) maps the future of human development - a complete social economic innovation to help businesses, communities and humanity grow.  

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IPEN™ is for everybody. It is the platform that helps every member of society become a part of “The Professional” and “The Elite”. IPEN™ is the place where dreams come true.


MITHAQ360™ is a socioeconomic strategic solution that bond between organizations ambitions and social priorities to create universal socioeconomic opportunities. 

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