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MITHAQ360™ is Identity Branding Forum magic stick. We are a multicultural organization to the world. We provide bundled branding and CSR Solutions based on our innovative Sustainable Human Development protocol, which makes us the only organization in the world that is singled out with this unique bundle of Solutions. Learn more About Us.


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  • W360C Workshop, St. Regis Hotel Dubai,  November 20-22, 2017
  • W360H Workshop, St. Regis Hotel Dubai, December 18-20, 2017

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MITHAQ360™ is a bundled branding and CSR solution that identify opportunities, define relationships and develop partnerships to build our clients brand identity value. 


Sustainable Human Development initiatives maps the future of human development, a base for universal supply chain, helping businesses and communities sustain growth.  

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IPEN™ is for everybody. It is the platform that helps every member of society become a part of “The Professional” and “The Elite”. IPEN™ is the place where dreams come true.

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