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Business legendary branding requires an ecosystem that provides a strategy to build it, a culture to promote it, the right talents to run it, and the right system to connect and engage all of its stakeholders together to sustain its journey to excellence and legendary branding.  

IPEN™ Club (International Professional Elite Network), is the ecosystem that help members build, manage and maintain sustainable legendary brands.

Business Solutions



Designed to bond businesses with people

Disruptive branding

Branding Solutions

Designed to help businesses become disruptive brands

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

To manage, connect, and automate business processes  


Online Coaching & Consultancy

Our online coaching and consultancy enables us to serve you wherever and whenever you need our field experts help.


Talents of Endearment©

Discover and build value

Talents Pipeline


Designed to build human intelligence to transform the future



Moving workshop training is a mastered science and art of ours.



The first to introduce eLearning methodologies in 2004 in the Arab world

Business Memberships

IPEN Club Enterprise Memberships

Enterprise Membership

Helping businesses build sustainable brands

IPEN™ Club Elite Membership

Elite Membership

Helping business leaders lead change 

Entrepreneurs Memberships

IPEN Club Basic

Basic Membership

Helping start-ups learn some of the basics to get started. 

IPEN Club Professional

Professional Membership

Helping entrepreneurs connect to opportunities and stay engaged.

Youth Memberships

IPEN Club Junior Membership

Junior Membership

Helping college students develop entrepreneurial talents to grow.

IPEN Club Maverick Membership

Maverick Membership

Helping 11 -18 years old  children develop entrepreneurial mindset.


20 X Initiative

20 X

Creating infinite human opportunities for the world in 20 years.


Qannas Competition

The world is transformation and the Future is NOW. Share your ideas and win.

Women Convention

Women Convention

Designed to define woman role and impact on society at large. 

Business Humanity

Business Humanity

Designed to help businesses build communities. 

The Qubqab

The Qubqab

Transforming children, 6 - 12 years old, to global travelers across the world cultures.

Step 2 Healthy Lifestyle

Step 2 Healthy Lifestyle

Say something interesting about your business here.


IPEN™ Club Franchises


Own your Franchise and get a piece of the disruptive game changer and 48.7% ROI. 

IPEN™ Club Investment Funds

Investment Funds

IPEN™ Club does not only identify projects, it identify investment opportunities. 

IPEN™ Club Partners

Partner With Us

IPEN™ Club  offers global partnership opportunities that will link you to the world.  

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