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We started in 2007 as identity branding provider of services and training, to become today a global gateway of opportunities; we made simpler but more powerful. We offer our own Sustainable Human Development standard, and the system to deliver it -  IPEN™  Clubs.

Through our own Sustainable Human Development protocol, we can help you unlock opportunities, optimize potentials and achieve sustainability. 


Identity Branding Forum is a multicultural organization, inspired by humanity. Through  IPEN™ Clubs, we can help our members build, manage and maintain a compassionate brand identity, that inspires people and move them to action.

Upcoming Events

  • Building Brand Value Workshop.
  • Corporate Strategic Alignment Workshop
  • Identity Branding Forum Annual
  • Sustainable Human Development Convention
  • Arab Women Convention - Singapore Cruise Sailing towards the future cruise trip
  • Arab Women Convention London Forum
  • Building Healthcare Brand Value Workshop 
  • Building Tourism Brand Value Workshop 

Empowering Highlights


Sustainable Human Development (SHD) standard is the base to identify opportunities, define relationships and potential partnerships for your brand value.

IPEN™ Club

IPEN™ empower your brand through engagement with your stakeholders to sustain strong compassionate prosperous relationships.


MITHAQ360™ is a bundled branding and CSR solution that build, empower, and engage your brand to create and maintain a Recurring Revenue Model.  

Arab Women Convention

Arab Women Convention is an SHD protocol, developed to help women become a driving force building families and societies, responsibly. 


Business Humanitarian Initiative is an SHD protocol, developed to move humanity from despair to prosperity while building communities. 


Empowering Thoughts - Our articles and quotes are chosen to help stimulate ideas that affects your brand identity, its value, and its future.

Upcoming Events

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